Food Trucks

   Food trucks. 



         Do I even have to explain the unbearable joy that comes through me when I spot a good ol’ fashioned roadside taco joint? I have always loved farmer’s markets, I go to one every Saturday with my mom. Food trucks are like farmer’s markets taken to the next level! Another great thing about them is that they are basically portable kitchens. Need a snack, or a lunch break? Just waltz right in to your workplace and have at it. Plus, food trucks can be used for all kinds of desserts, cuisines, and food groups. Need a salad? Food Truck. Craving some schnitzel? FOOD TRUCK. Pining for a pie? FIND A FLIPPING FOOD TRUCK! If you think about it, food trucks have been around for awhile.  I mean, ice cream trucks are technically food trucks. MIND.BLOWN. Oh, now I’m hungry!El Tonayense                                    Todd Lapp


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My Opinion On the Dress Code


    I’m not going to make this whole thing about how much I think the dress code is stupid. That would be a pointless, distasteful argument. I mean, every area needs some form of rules. Without them, these things would happen:

Going to school naked/nothing but your underwear                                                                                                                                             theirhistory via CompfightForm Photo

-Going to school with underwear clearly showing

– Going to school with garments that have swear words, or racist, sexist comments

-Going to school in Bathing suits.

      However, there are those things I certainly do not agree on.  First off, the short-shorts business. Some people are tall, or simply have very long arms. It’s not their fault that their fingertips don’t meet the requirements of the school district. Also, it’s summer, for crying out loud! It’s not like girls are going to school with bikinis on in the snow. It’s 90 degrees outside, and we are sweating like pigs.  

     Another  thing, there is this crazy rule about the studding on jewelry and clothes. Seriously, when someone walks in with a studded t-shirt, my eyes don’t automatically avert from the teacher and to the student. I’m actually starting to question the judgement of some people, because studs are not a distraction. But according to Loudoun County, a studded necklace will run the school into chaos.  Beside that rule in my agenda lies “… and whatever is determined by an administrator to be disruptive.”. I would have totally been okay with this rule, but it turned to rubbish when this certain event happened:  I was walking down the hall on one pleasant Wednesday, and I had on this sweater that I totally loved, which said ” Hey Monday… You Jerk”. An administrator pulled me over. He basically explained to me that I could never possibly walk the halls of Eagle Ridge if I wore a shirt with the word ‘Jerk’ on it. Which leads me to my final opinion.

           Originality. A simple word can define what every person needs. Some rules of the dress code repress the slightest glint of originality. In my opinion, you should be allowed to wear what you please, as long as you are wearing something, and it is not offensive to a group of people or an individual.  This includes boys who want to wear skirts and makeup and girls that may want to wear a tux to prom. After all, it’s who they are. If what I choose to wear does not affect you in any way, shape, or form, why do you tell me not to wear it? I have seen administrators at my school pull girls over from their classes and tell them to put on their gym clothes because their shorts were a little shorter than the dress code qualifies, or they are sporting spiky studs.  It’s like you are sucking the difference out of students. Modern clothing is made to showcase and celebrate contrasting personalities. If you really cannot imagine a world where people wear what they want to wear, Eagle Ridge,  you might as well make us wear uniforms.



Question: What is your opinion on the dress code? Have you ever been dress coded? Comment your answer down below💋


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My Theatre Addiction

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            It all started with my Aunt Heather. She does community theater and has great know-how on all things drama. Anyways, my story takes place a while back (probably when I was five or six). We went to West Virginia to see our relatives, back when Aunt Heather lived in WV (She lives in San Diego, now). While we were near, we went and saw one of her shows. There were green, corduroy tables and chairs. The tables had glasses of peanut-m&ms. The memory is still a little foggy, but I do remember this: the show was “Charlie Brown”, and you’ll never guess who my Aunt was playing; Lucy. Of course, now I’m not too happy about my character being portrayed as as a brat, but that doesn’t matter. The impact of my Aunt Heather’s acting was phenomenal. Before, I thought you could only be an actress if you were in TV, or a movie. The entire house cheered. AT that moment I realized, acting isn’t about being famous. It’s about doing what you love and making people happy. From that moment on, I adored acting. I put on shows with my cousins, I made up fun skits, I sang my heart out, I took intense dance classes. I did all I could to make my future in Show Business a bright one. The amazing part? All that work payed off. My middle school musical, Alice in Wonderland, came out a few weeks ago. I was one out of five sixth graders who actually got a speaking part. We did phenomenal. So, that was the tale of how my theatre addiction came to be. It just goes to show that if you work your butt off, you can truly achieve your passions.

Random Updates



       Next week.

               Ah, the wonders of a birthday. More presents than you can count (At least, until you’re in third grade). Just the feeling of blowing out candles and the smell of ice-cream-cake makes you wanna jump for joy. I personally can’t wait for my birthday this year, because i’m turning 12! TWELVE YEARS OLD!! I don’t know how the heck I got this far.

 Aside from birthdays, there’s more. MY. MUSICAL. JUST. OPENED. YESTERDAY! Today is our second day of performing, and I am just as excited as the day before. Sadly, though, an actor in my scene screwed up a few of his lines yesterday, but I’m sure that won’t happen again. Our show is Alice in Wonderland, Jr., and I’m the doorknob in the show. We have to paint my face gold, and the prop-builders are custom-fitting a wall to my face. It’s pretty rad. 

   So, that’s basically my life right now. Come back next time to hear more!

This is Just to Say…

This is Just to Say…

While you were in a room with a bunch of old men
Writing a document on declarations of independence
My men in coats of scarlet TP’d your horse stables
Paul Revere wasn’t there to announce that to Lexington

We put goop in your shoes
And stuck My Little Pony stickers on your muskets
We danced around your burning underwear
And ate all of your biscuits

Forgive me,
At least we are already at war

– The British Lobsterbacks

Ashburn: My Home

I have lived in Ashburn ever since the day I was born, so I may be a good person to go to for advice. There are so many things to to here, so many wonderful schools, and gorgeous nature. Personally, I love going to the pond in front of my house as a pastime. Feeding the geese and having “Cat-tail fights” are my favorite activities. The frozen yogurt place in Brambleton called Sweet Frog >/em> is THE BOMB DOT COM! Irish mint is by far their best flavor. Restaurants here pride in being the best (have you eaten at Blue Ridge Grill? ) Most of the people here are impeccably nice. Also, we have one of the best school districts in the world: Loudoun County!! Plus, we have Wayde Buyer.

Middle School Fantasy vs. Reality

  Tons of media out there portray middle school as some sort of competition for popularity. This is the kind of thing that scared the crud out of me in elementary school. In Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the main character sees his middle school as a prison. In Dork Diaries, there’s this mean, pretty, rich blonde named Mackenzie that wants to make the protagonist’s experience horrible. The truth is, not everyone is gonna stab you in the back at school. I’m just here to point out the obvious things that simply may never happen.


1. Mean girls

Fantasy: Your typical on-screen mean girl has perfect everything. Perfect shoes, perfect, hair, perfect wardrobe, perfect friends, perfect life. Typically blonde. They hate everyone who isn’t a carbon copy of themselves or her friends. They usually say things like, “You are such a loser!” or, “I’m sooo pretty.”. Little do they know that one day, the protagonist will overthrow their reign of terror over the middle school.

Reality: No one really cares about the popular kids except other popular kids. It sounds mean, but it’s true. All the other kids care more about school work and their own friends to worry about some random girl who thinks his/her outfit is ugly. Otherwise, they fire back something sarcastic, and move on with their day.


2. Boys

Fantasy: There is a very distinct line between the dream-boats, the nerds, and the total freaks. The dream-boats tend to be the male version of a mean girl, minus the mean. Perfect looks, next-to-perfect personality, and they are always doing amazing romantic gestures for the protagonist. You know, roses in the locker, picking up her stuff, the famous finger-tip-touch. The works. The nerds are basically the same nerds we always see in media. They have glasses, pocket protectors, and excel in every subject except being popular. The freaks are grungy, dirty, smelly, and kind of demented. They are the people that make an appearance once and say something either sadistic, gross, or just plain creepy.

Reality: All boys in middle school are the same. They play a sport, they’re always a tad show-offy, and they all wear Jordans and Nike’s. Even when they do have a crush, they never really have confidence to do a romantic gesture. Although one boy may be more annoying than another, as far as I know, most guys I’ve met in school are the same.


3. Homework

Fantasy: PILES! PILES OF HOMEWORK EVERYWHERE! Two essays from your english teacher, fifty problems from your math teacher, you need to finish the lab report for science class, and let’s not forget that project in history. You’ll be up till three in the morning. And then when you get to school, you’ll literally fall asleep in class or come in with bunny slippers. Baggage check for you eyes in needed.

Reality: Really, you may get a few problems from math, but if you finish work in school, all you usually have to do is read and study. Seriously! Middle School is not that tough if you try!


4. Teachers

Fantasy: All teachers are usually super old. The men have toupees and wear a lot of sweater vests. The women either have bright orange hair or grey hair, and wear cardigans and typically love cats (except for the gym teachers. They can really look however they want as long as they’re in a sweatsuit). The teachers always seem like they’re out to get the protagonist, like, “You did not finish the homework!? I AM FAILING YOU FOR LIFE!”

Reality: Most teachers are nice. The perfect teacher is nice at a good time, and strict (but not mean) at a good time. They acknowledge that you are trying your hardest and help you if and when you need it. It’s just that simple. There’ll may be that one teacher you think is out to get you but really they’re trying to help you.


         So, that’s it! These are the top misconceptions I had when I was in fifth grade. I hope this helped your view on Middle School.